Aug 15, 2018

If your actual results are higher when sending data to your ISP than they are when downloading, then there is probably more congestion on the download side. That’s what most people are doing (surfing, watching video, etc.). Your provider may not h The Difference Between Download And Upload Internet Speeds Oct 18, 2018 Why is my download speed less than 1MB ? - BT Community

Hello all, Got a problem with a download speed of 2 to 4 meg with an upload of 13 to 18 meg. The download speed was up to 75 meg a 6 months ago after an engineer came so it must have been fixed, what erks is the BT speed checker says 4 meg is good speed but doesn't give upload! Anyone any ideas or w

Nov 14, 2018

So my upload speed is much greater then my download speed. This test was performed over Wifi. I understand the performance isn't going to be as great as it would be if it was wired. But the outcome of the test doesn't make any sense. Can anyone help me to understand why there's such a discrepancy in

The download speed is almost always higher than the upload speed by design because the average person spends more time downloading information than uploading it. The download speed …