Aug 21, 2018

Jul 07, 2017 How to encrypt a USB Drive on Linux Operating System We will be using LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) which is the default encryption mode on cryptsetup package. LUKS is the standard for Linux hard disk encryption. Why encrypt your data? Mainly encryption is used to keep secrecy and privacy. 1. Use the fdisk command to find the device name for your USB Drive: sudo fdisk -l Protect your data with these five Linux encryption tools

Linux TPM Encryption: Initializing and Using the TPM

Sophos Full Disk Encryption | Always On in Real-Time Full Disk Encryption. Provides centrally-managed, full disk encryption using Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault, taking advantage of the technology built into the operating systems. Seamlessly manage keys and recovery functions from the SafeGuard Management Center.

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