If you are using 32-bit Windows, or if you have installed gpg4win into a custom location, you will need to tweak the location of the program. (Update February 2018: the path to gpg.exe has changed with the release of gpg4win 3.0.

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Gpg4win supports the standards OpenPGP and S / MIME (X.509), and sign data using RSA key. Working with Gpg4win tool is based on 2 keys. The private key used to encrypt the data, while the public key should be sent to message recipients who have access to the message. Moreover, the Gpg4win package can generate and verify checksums stored in SHA1

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There are hacks using --keyring [your-key-file], but simply importing the key file is the safer way to go. For scripted/programmed operations, best practice is to always denote the full fingerprint. Read about key ID collisions to understand the issues with short key IDs.

OpenPGP On The Job – Part 3: Install And Configure Download And Instally. We're going to use gpg4win.Of course you should verify the download as described in part two of the series.. Once you've done that, go ahead and start the installer with admin privileges.Although you could also install the tool without admin privileges, it's actually more advantageous to do it as admin. How to Verify a GPG Signature: 5 Steps (with Pictures Sep 26, 2017 PGP Encryption: How It Works and How You Can Get Started Apr 23, 2018 Chocolatey Software | Gpg4win Light