If you are wanting to configure multiple MikroTik routers with the same configuration, or to copy a config from one router to another, the best way is to use an export. The export command dumps all of the configuration commands you added to a router to a text file and none of the stuff that gets you in trouble like MAC addresses.

MikroTik hAP WiFi Router WISP Mode Configuration [hAP Series] May 26, 2019 AP Controller (CAPsMAN) - RouterOS - MikroTik Most MikroTik AP devices already support CAP mode out of the box, all you need to do, is make sure they are on the same network as your CAPsMAN, and then boot them up, while holding the reset button. Examples Basic configuration with master and slave interface. Create security profile for WPA2 PSK, without specifying passphrase: Configuration for Mikrotik Routerboard (RouterOS Jan 14, 2020

[Lab 20] BGP Mikrotik and BGP Route Filtering Example

Configuration Management - RouterOS - MikroTik Overview. This article describes set of commands used for configuration management. Configuration Undo/Redo. Any action done in GUI or any command executed from the CLI are recorded in /system history.. You can undo or redo any action by running undo or redo commands from the CLI or by clicking on Undo, Redo buttons from the GUI.. Simple example to demonstrate addition of firewall rule and how MikroTik - EOIP for Beginners! - The Network Berg Sep 03, 2019

AP Controller (CAPsMAN) - RouterOS - MikroTik

This specific example is for the Masquerading firewall to be used with typical LAN networks employing private IP space. Generate Masquerading Firewall" will generate a simple MikroTik RouterOS firewall that will block anyone from outside your LAN from accessing your router and will block access from your LAN to all countries you selected in the Config text file - MikroTik Apr 01, 2007 Configuring BGP on Mikrotik (EZ MODE) - The Network Berg Nov 15, 2019 Tutorial - MikroTik SNMP Configuration [Step by Step]